OpenNTF January Webinar: 4D - Domino Docker Deep Dive

Jesse Gallagher | 2 weeks ago | Comments
This talk is for Domino admins and developers who would like to leverage containerization and want to get started navigating this jungle of technologies. Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and more - we're going to explain when to use which platform and how to automate your deployments. The speakers will be:

Thomas Hampel, Director, HCL Product Management
Daniel Nashed, HCL Lifetime Ambassador

This webinar will take place on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM. There will be time for questions at the end.

To register for this webinar go to:

Join OpenNTF on Dec 22 for One of Three Community Holiday Happy Hours

Graham Acres | 1 month ago | Comments

Join us on December 22nd as OpenNTF hosts three virtual, global Community Holiday Happy Hours!

We would like you to come together to celebrate our community in a year where there has been very little opportunity to enjoy a drink together face to face as we are used to doing. We think our community is really a very special group of friends and colleagues, so join us, be you a customer, a partner, a vendor, an HCLer, or a former member of the community. Everyone is welcome!

We will host the happy hours on Zoom. See the links below. Bring your favourite beverage and celebrate the holidays with friends. In Europe we will even sing Happy Birthday to one of our friends. :)

A passcode has been added to be able to enter each happy hour: RayOzzie

Our first happy hour will be in Asia Pacific, at
   5:00 PM in China, Singapore and Western Australia
   6:00 PM in Japan and Korea
   8:00 PM in Sydney and Hobart
  10:00 PM in New Zealand

Our second happy hour will be in Europe, Middle East and Africa, at
   5:00 PM in UK
   6:00 PM in Europe
   7:00 PM in Israel, Finland and South Africa
   8:00 PM in Moscow

Our third happy hour will be in the Americas, at
   5:00 PM in the Pacific time zone
   6:00 PM in the Mountain time zone
   7:00 PM in the Central time zone
   8:00 PM in the Eastern time zone
  10:00 PM in Rio, Chile and Argentina

Join one of them, or join all of them! We hope to see you then.

OpenNTF December Webinar: The Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit

Graham Acres | 2 months ago | Comments
Re-using business logic is key to expanding Domino applications beyond the Notes Client. HCL has introduced the Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit and invites the community to collaborate with us in its development. In this webinar HLC will outline the challenges and explain the design considerations. They will demonstrate and deep dive into the prototype code. See the flexibility beyond just Volt MX. Most importantly, learn how you can get involved to help shape the direction of this open source solution.

The speakers will be:
Paul Withers - HCL
Jason Roy Gary - HCL
Rocky Oliver - HCL

This webinar will take place on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM. There will be time for questions at the end.

To register for this webinar go to: