Yun Zhi Lin, Wei Li, Yi Guo and Sun Zhenshuai have created a new project with an Eclipse based plugin to manage documents on the local disk. Here is the project and here the release.

Document management plugin is a handy tool to help users to manage documents on local disk. It provides similar UI and operations as Notes mail. The features supported in the first version include:

• Set document root directory from preference. This is the directory managed in thisplugin.
• Manage documents by categories
• Create new documents (Only available with embedded Symphony installed)
• Sort documents by Name/Type/Date/Rating
• Rate documents
• Filter documents by type.
• Move documents between categories, support DND
• Import documents or categories from local directories
• Create document drafts
• Trash support. The documents removed from this tool will move to trash first. Usercan recover them from trash later or empty trash to remove completely.

Here is a screenshot:

A picture named M2

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