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In early 2009 Andrew Luder was trialling one of the free Windows Sysinternals tools called "contig.exe" (v1.55) on his home Windows 2003 Domino server to see if he could defragment his Domino databases while the Domino server was running and as it turned out - it worked just fine. Andrew has since incorporated contig.exe with a C++ Lotus Domino server task he developed called DominoDefrag using Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 and together they've defragged databases successfully on the Domino R5x (NT4 and Windows 2000), R6x-R7x-R8x (Windows 2003 R2), and R85x (Windows 2008 R2) Domino servers.

DominoDefrag has grown to defrag a full-text index associated with a Notes database and can now also defrag Domino transaction logs and DAOS files. The output is recorded to the Domino server console and miscellaneous events log.

The DominoDefrag task has the added functionality of being able to compact a database prior to defragging and supports multi-processing (can load multiple times to run concurrently) and use of an indirect file (.ind) to have the same compact batch functionality. Performance checks can now also be tested using generated document collections to determine the before and after defrag millisecond performance of databases and their associated full-text indexes.

Check out DominoDefrag now here.

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