Rene Winkelmeyer has uploaded a new release of the project File Navigator which has been cleared for the Apache catalog. This release and his last two releases contain a lot of new functionality and bug fixes as requested by the community. New user preferences have been added, preferences can be controlled via policies, network shares are supported, six more languages are available, good documentation has been provided, etc.

Rolf Kremer has uploaded new releases of the project Task Management and the last one has been cleared for the Apache catalog. Rolf has blogged about some of the extensions to integrate the popular OpenNTF projects !!Help!!, Vacation Requests and TaskJam (see here and here).

We've done some minor updates to the OpenNTF widget that I blogged about yesterday. As requested by several people the widget now also contains a mini navigator at the top to navigate between the five pages within one widget so that only one widget needs to be installed in Notes. We've also updated the logo with the same logo as used on the home page.

Additionally we've created a new URL to a page describing the widget that is easy to remember:

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