Steve and I've created another simple reusable XPage control allowing users to vote and see the results in a simple chart.

As you know Domino 8.5.1 comes with Dojo 1.3.2. So you can easily use all the nice functionality Dojo provides in your XPage applications. This sample shows how easy it is to use the Dojo dojox.charting.DataChart class. Plus it shows how to use server side JavaScript and client side JavaScript in combination.

Vice versa this sample also shows Dojo developers with little or no Domino skills some of the nice Domino benefits. The schema for this sample plus rich client editing can be done simply via two views and two forms.

You can find the control in the Apache catalog or open the project. Here is the documentation. You can download the zip directly here.

The voting question and options are defined via the Notes client. Users can then vote via web browser and they see the results after they have voted.

A picture named M2

A picture named M3

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