December 2022 OpenNTF End-of-Year Celebration

Once again, we would like you to come together to celebrate our community at the end of the year. We think our community is really a very special group of friends and colleagues, so join us, be you a customer, a partner, a vendor, an HCLer, or a former member of the community. Everyone is welcome!

We will host the gatherings on Zoom. Bring your favorite beverage and celebrate the holidays with friends!

The listings below will be updated when links and passcodes before the event. All events will occur on Tuesday, December 20th for the listed time zones. Each is planned to last for an hour.

Our first celebration will be in Asia Pacific, at
   5:00 PM in China, Singapore and Western Australia
   6:00 PM in Japan and Korea
   8:00 PM in Sydney and Hobart
  10:00 PM in New Zealand
[JOIN HERE] (the passcode is RayOzzie)

Our second celebration will be in Europe, Middle East and Africa, at
   5:00 PM in UK
   6:00 PM in Europe
   7:00 PM in Israel, Finland and South Africa
   8:00 PM in Moscow
[JOIN HERE] (the passcode is RayOzzie)

Our third celebration will be in the Americas, at
   5:00 PM in the Pacific time zone
   6:00 PM in the Mountain time zone
   7:00 PM in the Central time zone
   8:00 PM in the Eastern time zone
  10:00 PM in Rio, Chile and Argentina
[JOIN HERE] (the passcode is RayOzzie)

Join one of them, or join all of them! We hope to see you then.

Previous Webinars:

Date and Title
YouTube Link
Presentation Link
Questions & Answers

November OpenNTF Webinar - Integrate Keycloak with Domino for identity management
Click here for the presentation

October OpenNTF Webinar - DQL, Compare DBs Report tool and Document Properties Plugin
Click here for the presentation
September OpenNTF Webinar - Domino on Docker (and free alternatives)!
Click here for the presentation
OpenNTF August Webinar - XPages Jakarta EE Support In Practice
Click here for the presentation
July Webinar: Sametime 12 on Docker - A Deployment Walkthrough
Click here for the presentation

June: OpenNTF Annual General Meeting 2022
Click here for the meeting slides

May Webinar: Using The New Domino One Touch Setup
Click here for presentation


OpenNTF April Webinar - What's New in Domino Designer
Click here for presentation Q&A


March 2022 OpenNTF Webinar - The New Domino Admin Tool
Click here for presentation Q&A

February: What's new in 12.0.1 for Developers including the new QueryResultsProcessor
Click here for presentation


January: Backup your Domino Server - New Options in V12
Click here for presentation Q&A



December: OpenNTF's 20th Anniversary Celebration
No slides.
Bonus video on the history of OpenNTF:


November: Gurupalooza!
No slides for this webinar


October: What we like about Domino/Notes 12, recommended new features to try


September: Domino Online Meeting Integration (DOMI)


August: Git and GitHub Explained


July: HCL Presents Keep, a new API for Domino


June: Domino V12 Certification Manager

May: Overview and Status of Popular or New Projects
Presentation not available


April: Domino Administration Best Practices

March: Nomad Mobile - Tips and Tricks

February: Introduction to Ansible for Newbies


January: 4D - Domino Docker Deep Dive


December: The Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit


November: Water Cooler Talk: The Mystery of Domino on Docker - Part 1


October: XPages Flexible View Control with Michael G. Smith


September: What's New with Domino Query Language with John Curtis from HCL


August: Water Cooler Talks: A Look into a Developer's Workbench


July: Hear the Latest from the User Groups!


June: What's New at HCL


May: Spotlight on OpenNTF Projects